We warmly invite you to the Illumination Gala, hosted by the Pneuma Institute Foundation of Canada.

Enjoy an uplifting and elegant evening of gourmet vegetarian Indian cuisine, dynamic speakers and an inspiring cultural performance. We will also hold a silent auction for our fundraising projects.

Your presence will make a difference in preserving the precious wisdom of ancient lineages from around the world.


While the amount of information available to us is at an all-time high, we have a deficit in wisdom, with many of the problems around the globe worsening.

We live in a crucial moment where the solution lies in placing wisdom at the center of our lives. When we do this, happiness and inner peace naturally emerge in our lives, and this impacts our own life, our family, community and the greater world at large.

The Pneuma Institute has shared a system of practical education for the last 30 years, impacting thousands of people globally through revolutionary teachings.  The Pneuma Institute Foundation continues to support some of the world’s sacred cultures, including the Tibetan Buddhist monks living in India and the Inca tradition represented by the people of Q’ero in Peru for 25 years.

Partake in this evening of inspiration and hope, and join the movement to preserve, protect and share wisdom.



$150 per seat, or $1125 for a table of 9

or send e-Transfer to


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Pneuma Education

· Bringing the wisdom & teachings of sacred lineages to students around the world.

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Buddha Maitreya Project

· Supporting Tibetan Buddhist children from the Gaden Shartse Monastery.
· Sponsorship of special events including 2019’s Tsongkhapa Festival in Karnataka, India.

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Inkarri Project

· Supporting educational and basic life needs of the Qero children of Peru.

For more information about our international projects, please visit our Buddha Maitreya Website. If you would like to help support the Pneuma Institute Foundation, you can donate below. Any donation is greatly appreciated!


Juan Ruiz Naupari

Pneuma Institute Founder and Director

Doña María Apaza

Andean Alto Misayoc Priestess

Megan Hanacek

Forester and Biologist and as Seen on the “Alone” show

Dr. Maia Love

MD, Psychiatrist

Cam Good

President of Key Marketing

Darren Jacklin

Corporate Trainer, PhilanthroInvestor

Peder Sande

Contemplative Science Researcher, MSc


Maria Cristina Fantini

M. Mus., B. Ed. Opera Soprano

Anju Bedi

Masters of Music, Sitar Player


We all love this cause and welcome you into this incredible community we are building.

Dr. Alexina Mehta

Chair for the Illumination Gala
Co-ordinator of Pneuma Institute

Dr. Tanya Gee

Co-ordinator for Pneuma Canada

Karen Petersen Sainas

Team Lead for Fundraising and Sponsorship

Brent Anderson

Marketing Team Lead

Mischa Harris

Volunteer Coordinator

Karen Mirfield

Venue Lead

Cassandra Varteresian

Website Manager




Our mission is to create a positive impact in the world by contributing with a complete educational system for self-knowledge born from the synthesis of ancient traditions designed to foster self-realization.

We have been working for decades to teach an unbiased type of thinking that can generate a radical change, which can, in turn, cause a permanent revolution inside the human being through Love and Inner Wisdom. A harmonious society is created one person at a time.

We are also supporting some of the world’s sacred cultures, including the Tibetan Buddhist, monks living in India, and the Inca tradition represented by the Q’ero people of Peru.

Become an Ambassador
Become an Ambassador for preserving, protecting and sharing wisdom. We are looking for those who can share our projects with their community.