Juan Ruiz Naupari

Pneuma Institute Founder and Director

Juan Ruiz Naupari is the founder and international director of Pneuma Institute. This international headquarters of Pneuma Institute is located in Mount Shasta, California, U.S. and has various delegations throughout the three Americas, Europe and India.

Juan is the creator of Pneuma Transpersonal Training, a new and complete perspective of transpersonal psychology. It is based on the comparative study of the wisdom from the ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions of the planet, as well as the expansion of consciousness through the practice of Pneuma Breathwork. His research is applied in the field of psychotherapy, with a focus in the psychological and spiritual progression of the human being. Juan Ruiz participates in conferences, gives lectures and supports the inner process of his students internationally. Currently he offers both online and classroom training in different countries. This training is endorsed by the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA), by Gaden Shartse Tibetan Monastic University in India and by the Romanian Association of Psychologists. 

Pneuma Institute has collaboration agreements with the Spiru Haret University in Romania and with the Gaden Shartshe Monastic University in India. It is a member of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). 

In 2004, Juan organized the visit of H.H. the XIV Dalai Lama to Puerto Rico and sponsored the Buddha Maitreya Initiation given by H.H. for the first time in India in 2011. Since 1992 he has developed two solidarity projects: The Buddha Maitreya Project, a program focused on the reconstruction of the Gaden Shartse monastery and education of its monks and the Inkarri Project, created for the conservation of the values of the Great Q’ero Nation of Peru. 

He is currently coordinating, together with Gaden Shartse Monastery, the commemoration of the sixth centenary of the ascension to Nirvana of the Grand Lama Tsongkhapa, creator of the Gelugpa lineage. It will be celebrated in India in December 2019 with the support of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

All his work is inspired by the Archetype-Master of the Golden Eagle.

Doña María Apaza

Andean Alto Misayoc Priestess

V.M. Doña María Apaza is an Alto Misayoc which means “She who welcomes the Major Spirits, the most important and powerful”, and is the highest degree of Andean Priestess. She is the last Inca Priestess with this degree and comes from Hatun Quigo, Q’ero Nation of Cusco, Peru. Initiated in the Ancestral Andean Wisdom, she will visit our country in order to share her knowledge and remind us that within our hearts there exists the capacity to communicate with the Pachamama, our Inner Mother, the Eternal Feminine, and with the Great Father, that dwells in our interior.

She will be accompanied by Maco Peña García, an initiated Priestess in the Andean tradition of the Q’ero community. Maco is also the coordinator of Inkarri in Peru and a certified facilitator of the Pneuma System. She is supporting with the translation from the Quechua language.

Megan Hanacek, RPBio, RPF

Forester and Biologist

Megan Hanacek, RPBio, RPF is a professional biologist and forester that has worked with nature’s ecosystems and stakeholder collaboration on all 7 continents over the last 25 years.   Exploring the interplay of lessons from wild nature and the application to growing one’s own inner nature, her talks and workshops aim to empower and inspire. Topics include exploring one’s inner nature state, core beliefs, spirituality and constant conditioning from the world around us.Most recently, Megan completed a 78 day solo winter journey in the Patagonian wilderness with only 10 primitive items and was featured on HISTORY Channel.

Dr. Maia Love, MD


Dr. Maia Love, MD, FRCPC, ISAM, YTT200+, Founder of BrainTalks@UBC, Certified in Mindfulness and Certified Internationally in Addiction Medicine and Yoga, is a doctor and psychiatrist with a specialized practice ranging from wellness and optimization to trauma recovery and addiction. With a practice deeply rooted in the key values of kindness, respect, and possibility, she guides professionals to develop wellness strategies, clients to heal through psychotherapy, daily leads mindfulness programs for patients in hospital, and coaches professional wellness on wilderness retreats. She has taught yoga in many locations over the last 19 years, run multiple workshops, directs a talk series on brain health, and loves surfing as a metaphor for finding the sweet spot in life.

Cam Good

President of Key Marketing

Cam Good is a Canadian real estate entrepreneur, angel investor in real estate technology, and President of Entrepreneurs Organization in Vancouver, which is a non profit peer to peer learning organization for entrepreneurs. He has marketed and/or sold well over 150 real estate projects, many of which are mixed use, high rise communities.

Cam has been a keynote speaker at dozens of events for the real estate, hotel and construction industries as well as for UVic and UBC. He is a leading expert in real estate and frequently published in the Wall Street Journal and the National Post. He was one of Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 under 40 and nominated for Ernst& Young Entrepreneur of the year. Cam sleeps on the street once a year to raise money for youth on behalf of Covenant House; he is a long time supporter and is currently sponsoring a new edition of Sleep Out with a plan of raising $1M next year and $10M in 2020 and each year after. He funds the Key Marketing Excellence Award at KPU, matches dollar for dollar the charitable donations of Key employees, pays for all of their professional education and gives paid time off for volunteer work.

Darren Jacklin

Corporate Trainer, PhilanthroInvestor

For over 23 years, Darren Jacklin has traveled 4 continents and personally trained over 1 million people in over 48 countries. He has mentored entrepreneurs and business owners on specific and measurable strategies. These strategies have then been implemented into businesses to increase income, transform obstacles into cash flow and turn passion into profits.

Darren has an uncanny ability to increase wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities. His talent has captured the attention of Tiger 21, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, NBC TV, CBS TV, Global TV, international radio stations, magazines and newspapers, movie producers, best-selling authors, CEO’s and business experts worldwide. Darren is also a featured as an international celebrity in the 2015 movie The Treasure Map. He has also personally trained over 157 Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays Bank, as well as high school, college, and university students and lastly, professional athletes. His experience has connected him with people in more than 130 countries.

Peder Sande

Contemplative Science Researcher, MSc

Peder Sande is a researcher, technologist, and entrepreneur and has worked to increase access to contemplative interventions across education, healthcare, and the private sector for over 10 years. Peder has an MSc in Neuroscience from UBC, is a Research Fellow at the Mind & Life Institute and has served as a Scientific Advisor for the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. Peder is the Founder of Ella Biomedical, a health tech startup, using mindfulness-based interventions for patients with chronic pain deployed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and is the Head of Business Development for lululemon’s innovation team. When Peder is not behind a screen you’ll find him paddling the inlets of beautiful BC.